Low Carbon Trackers

An ideal tool for Socially Responsible Investment

The Low Carbon 100 Europe tracker offers a socially responsible and sustainable investment opportunity.

Low Carbon Trackers

Carbon finance and the fight against climate change

The carbon market has become a key element in the fight against climate change. Strongly committed to sustainable development, BNP Paribas is actively contributing to the expansion of carbon finance with Low Carbon 100 Europe THEAM Easy UCITS ETF.

Managed by THEAM, this innovative tracker mirrors the Low Carbon 100 Europe® index which is published by NYSE Euronext. This index reflects the performance of Europe’s 100 leading large-cap companies in terms of controlling carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in their respective sectors.

NGOs and financials join forces to offer investors the first carbon finance index

With a view to broadening their initiatives in favour of the environment, two NGOs (non-governmental organisations) – Agrisud and – have teamed up with NYSE Euronext and BNP Paribas Investment Partners to create the Low Carbon 100 Europe® index.

Index methodology

As the first index targeting carbon emissions, it is very transparent compared to multi-criteria SRI indices.

The companies were divided up by sector to ensure that the index would be broadly representative.

For each sector, the committee selected the companies with the lowest CO2 emissions linked to their own activities and to their supply of energy and commodities (ratio of tonnes of CO2/revenue).

The companies included in the Low Carbon 100 Europe® index emit on average 42% less CO2 than the underlying universe (the 300 largest European companies by market capitalisation).

Note : Investments in ETF’s are subject to market fluctuations and to the risks inherent in securities and other assets in which each ETF invests.